Drug & Alcohol Testing Services

Order for Testing Use the Order for Testing form and fax to VIP Alaska (907) 335-1936 to order Drug and Alcohol Testing Services. You can also email the form to test@vipalaska.com
Pre-Employment The applicant must pass a drug test prior to hire or as a condition of employment
Post-Accident After an accident, all employees whose performance may have contributed to the accident must be tested according to company policy.
Reasonable Cause An employee must submit to a drug test if 2 supervisors, at least one of which is trained in recognizing the signs and symptoms of drug abuse, observe performance and behavior that would indicate possible drug and or alcohol use.
Random A specified percentage of a company's covered workforce will be randomly tested each year for the presence of controlled substances or alcohol.
Follow-Up Testing A .reasonable program of unannounced drug testing can be implemented for and employee who has returned to duty after failing a previous drug test, after refusing to submit to a drug test, or after successfully completing a substance abuse treatment program.
Periodic The Department of Transportation requires some industries to test employees as part of a physical examination during the first calendar year of the implementation of the employer's anti-drug program.
USCG U.S. Coast Guard testing
FMCSA Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration testing
NON-DOT Many companies who are not mandated by the Department of Transportation to test for drug and alcohol abuse, choose to test because they know how costly drug and alcohol abuse is to the workforce and to the employers bottom line.
Alcohol Testing DOT and Non-DOT Breath Alcohol Testing Services
Hair Analysis Hair analysis has been used in occupational, environmental and some branches of alternative medicine as a method of investigation to assist screening and/or diagnosis. The hair is sampled, processed and analyzed, studying the levels of mineral and metals in the hair sample. Using the results, as part of a proper examination or test protocol, practitioners screen for toxic exposure and heavy metal poisoning.